ChenKung Kung Fu School, TAIPEI, TAIWAN
Begin your kung fu studies in its motherland!
Shaolin 5 Animal Style (Hung Gar)
Traditional Handforms: tiger, crane, leopard, snake, dragon, tiger & crane double style, monkey, drunken, etc...
Classical Chinese Weapons: broadsword, straight sword, staff, spear, 2-section whip, 3-scetion staff, etc...
Study authentic tradtitonal Hung Gar kung fu from Shifu James Yeh, a master with over 20 years' experience in Chinese kung fu and an MA in Physical Education for a combination of traditional martial arts and modern science.
Our style has traditional animal forms, several ancient weapon techniques, and practical self-defense applications!  Experience Chinese culture, get in shape, and learn how to protect yourself. All students, from complete beginner to experienced are welcome!
*Classes held at the ChengGong Community(Near MRT Technology Build. Sta.)
Tuesday 19:30~21:00
Wednedsday 10:00~11:30
Friday  10:00~11:30
Saturday 10:00~11:30
*Class held at the Ming Chuan University(Taipei Campus)
Thursday        18:30~20:00
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